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ChateauHR is a small but mighty firm led by Joel A. Miller, who has over 20 years of executive experience across different industries.  The broader ChateauHR extended network of partners provides for deep expertise and near-limitless resources for your business priorities. 
Joel A. Miller
Founder and Principal

Mr. Miller brings a unique set of skills and capabilities honed in senior leadership roles in Human Resources, Operations, and Strategic Planning.  He has a solid reputation for pragmatic high-quality execution.  His approach:  keep it simple, deliver top-notch results, and build a foundation for future success.


Mr. Miller’s broad experience across different industries, continents, and functions provides him many learnings and principles to reapply to new business challenges.  From small-scale startups to large global companies, he relishes opportunities to help businesses grow by developing sound strategies and effective work processes for long-term success.  He is also a master of organization re-engineering, morphing teams and HR systems to deliver improved profitability and teamwork.


Past company experience includes: 

  > Procter & Gamble (International HR, Sales, & Manufacturing)

  > Guitar Center (EVP Human Resources)

  > (Chief People Officer)

  > Jackson Family Wines (Chief People Officer)

  > Pulse (VP Global Human Resources)


Mr. Miller holds a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.   He is married and has two daughters (14 and 11), all residing in Healdsburg CA.  He is an avid hiker, often exploring the back trails of northern California.  Joel also serves as an adjunct professor at Sonoma State University, teaching in the Executive MBA program and Wine Business Institute.


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