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Past Projects

Below are several examples of past assignments and challenges where we have helped drive bottomline results and long-term success.
Morale was "in the pits..." 
Situation:  A large CA winery with over 1,000 employees had been through tough times and now, as it recovered, employees were leaving in droves. 
Solution:  We helped devise a comprehensive retention strategy, based on fundamentals.  We improved feedback processes, and initiated manager training.  We fixed some compensation issues.   And we implemented regular all-company meetings to ensure all employees knew our plans and results. 
Result:  Employee turnover plummeted from 35% to single digits within the year, and the company enjoyed record growth.
"Too many chiefs..." 
Situation:  A large eCommerce retailer with over $2B in annual revenues had plateaued and had a serious crisis in leadership.  Employees had lost confidence, and were tired of inconsistent decisions.  
Solution:  First, we had to fix the organization, and exited several founders who were disengaged from the day-to-day business.  Next, we implemented a broad strategic plan to grow new categories and geographies while strengthening the leadership team.  Then we repaired several HR processes to deliver consistent results and treat employees fairly. 
Result:  Overall revenues began to grow again, and confidence in leadership soared.  Turnover dropped  from 40% to single digits within the year.
"She had 'lawsuit' written all over her..." 
Situation:  A private CA firm had an employee with ever-increasing performance issues, but she had made allegations of sexual harassment as well as complained of wage/hour issues.   The GM and the owner were both justifiably concerned about complications if they disciplined the employee.
Solution:  We came in asap (over the weekend) and conducted a comprehensive assessment of the organization.  Fixes were put in place immediately which minimized any company liability.   We worked with the GM to simultaneously deal with the performance issues, and the employee was dismissed with no adverse impact to the business.   
Result:  It was a clean separation without legal entanglements.  Tasting room morale jumped.
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